A Welcome Address
From the Principal

With great zeal and
enthusiasm, the Management and Staff of this College, welcome all Parents and
Students of the 2020/2021 session. With joy, excitement, and anticipation
for the many great opportunities that await our Wards, we implore you to look
forward to a very impactful and rewarding session. Choosing the right school
for your child is of utmost importance to many parents. A child needs to
develop in the right environment, get the right set of skills, not only mentally,
but also physically and socially. The College offers you this and more.

Bringing together
young Nigerian children from different parts of the country and exposing them
to the same socializing influence so that they can come to acquire a mutual
understanding of the similarities in each other’s culture and thereby develop a
sense of unity as well as an appreciation of the privileges and challenges of
their common Nigeria citizenship. Our systems/methods serve as a model for
pace-setting in every aspect of secondary educational provision particularly in
the areas of infrastructure, academics and ensuring moral standards among our
wards. We are grateful you came to our website. You are welcome to tour the
different School departments. Do have a great time going through the website.
Thank you.


About Us

Quality Education For Your Children

Experienced Teachers

We educate the from a heart of passion and drive for the growth and development of your children. our aim is the establishment of a solid educational foundation upon which our wards can build the rest of their lives.

All Departments Available

With the approval of the federal ministry of education we are licensed to teach courses including; mathematics, sciences, humanities, trade, technologies and languages

Extracurricular Activities

We include other activities in our curriculum to enhance the multi-faceted development of your wards; these other activities include recreational activities, literary and art, debating competition, quiz competition, Inter-house sports, tie and dye, Excursions and more.

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First term (2020/2011) Vacation date

Vacation date is scheduled for Friday 26th March 2021

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